3D Bird Models

A 3D Bird Models virtual aviary on the Badship store. Wonder at the unique variety provided by this broad section of Bird 3D Models. From 3D Albatross, 3D Birds-of-paradise, 3D Crow, 3D Cuckoo, 3D Duck, 3D Geese, 3D Swan, 3D Falcon, 3D Flamingoes, 3D Gull, 3D Heron, 3D Hornbill, 3D Hummingbird, 3D Kingfisher, 3D Hawks, 3D Eagle, 3D Kiwi, 3D Owls, 3D Parrots, 3D Penguins, 3D Pigeons, 3D Storks, 3D Toucans, 3D Woodpeckers, 3D Ostrich and more. 3D Bird Models data from Badship is provided in various different formats for use with most industry approved including Maya, MODO,   C4d,  3DS MAX Blender, ZBrush, and others. The assets provided by Badship are available for download in a wide variety of industry standard formats including OBJ, FBX, 3DS, MAX, C4D, BLEND, STL, MA, MB and more.

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