3D Bread Scans

Welcome to the 3D Bread store on Badship Marketplace. You can almost smell the freshly baked 3D Bread Scans. These photo-realistic 3D scan bread models will convince any discerning 3D audience that they are real. Select from a broad range of 3D, Whole Grain Bread, 3D Sprouted Grain Bread, 3D Sourdough Bread, 3D Rye Bread, 3D Pumpernickel Bread, 3D Hot Dog Bread, 3D Hamburger Bun, 3D white bread, 3D wheat bread, 3D Whole Wheat bread, 3D Multigrain Bread and more. Downloaded Badship Model data is delivered in a varied range of  industry common standard formats. These include ZBrush, C4d, Blender, 3DS MAX, Maya, MODO and others. Digital assets from Badship are available for download in many different industry-accepted formats including  OBJ, FBX, 3DS, ZTL, C4D, BLEND, MB, MAX, MA,  and others.

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