3D Character Rigging Tutorials

Welcome to the 3D Character Rigging Tutorials section of the Badship Marketplace. In these Character Rigging Tutorials, our expert character riggers offer advantageous tips and tricks whilst directing you through the fundamentals of 3D Character Rigging Tutorials. Learn to rig numerous different styled 3D characters from Bipedal to multi-limbed and jointed. Watch as our master animation character riggers add joints to create skeletons, then move to skin weighting the mesh vertices to the bone and joints. It's a complex process that unfortunately there is a unified workflow between the major applications but we have the tutorials to cover each software. From Maya, 3DS Max, Modo, Blender, Cinema 4D and more. There are other options like Mixamo which is an auto rigging and animation tool which can be great fun. Follow Badship 3D Character Rigging Tutorials to add life to your 3D character models.

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