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Welcome to the 3D scan Environments category of Badship. The benefits of 3D scan Environments is that the technology captures all the intricacies of large to small scale 3D objects. The sort of 3D detail that's hard to make up using traditional media and 3D modelling. Expect to find 3D Building Scans, 3D Scan Rocks and rubble, 3D Scan Trees and Plants, 3D Scan Walls, 3D Scan Mountains, 3D Scan Cliff Faces and more in this scanned 3D environments section of the Badship Marketplace. Add the sort of high level detail you 3D project currently lacks. Browse and by now. Available in many popular Industry approved applications like the following, MODO, Blender, Lightwave, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Maya,  and more. With the following file formats, C4d, 3DS, MA, MB, FBX, Blend, LWS, LWO, LXE, ZTL, OBJ,and more.

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