3D Evergreen Trees

Welcome to 3D Digital botany. This is the 3D Evergreen Trees section of the Badship store. The 3D Evergreen Tree is a plant that has leaves throughout the year and are always green. Same with these accurate Digital versions. Immaculately 3D Modelled to enhance your 3D Digital vision. From 3D Balsam Fir, 3D Incense Cedar, 3D Ponderosa pine, 3D Douglas Fir, 3D Scots Pine, 3D, Noble fir, 3D red Cedar, 3D white pine, 3D white fir, 3D Juniper and more. The data available the Badship store is downloadable in a variety of  industry standardised formats. These include ZBrush, Blender, C4d , 3DS MAX, Maya and others. File formats generally are  BLEND, STL, MA, MB, FBX, OBJ, C4D, 3DS, MAX  and more.

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