3D Female Base Mesh Models

Enter into Badship's world of 3D Female Base Mesh Models. In this download area you will find many styles and scales of 3D Female Base Mesh Models. Dress them up using other 3D garments from Badship to speed up your projects output. Maybe re-create a famous 3D character videogame Model from one of these pre-UV'd Female 3D Base Mesh Models, maybe create an entirely new 3D character that will be the next big thing. All available on the Badship store is downloadable in a variety of  industry standardised formats. These include ZBrush, Blender, C4d , 3DS MAX, Maya and others. Badship Digital assets are available to download in many different standard industry formats such as MA, FBX, 3DS, ZTL, C4D and more.

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