3D Female Head Scans

Here we have the beautiful 3D Female Head Scans section of Badship. Marvel at the meticulous and comprehensive detail afforded by new high tech  3D scanning technology. This 3D Female Head Scans category shows the realism achievable with this new tech. Never before has your 3D project had the opportunity to be embellished by such incredible Female 3D Head Scans.  The subtle details of the Female Human Head are present. The kind of detail and 3D landmarks that many 3D artists and 3D sculptors overlook. Available from Badship in many common 3D Industry standard applications like the following, 3Ds Max, Maya, MODO, Blender, Lightwave, Modo, ZBrush, Cinema 4D and more. With the following file formats, 3DS, MA, MB, FBX, Blend, LWS, LWO, LXE, ZTL, OBJ, C4d and more.

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