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Welcome to the 3D Kitbash section of Badship. Use these 3D modular building Kitbash 3D Models to speed up production to within a reasonable timeframe. Hit those 3D  pre-production milestones using these super quality 3D Kitbash Models. Get the edge required to keep up with your competitors with this 3D library of pre-Modeled Kitbash 3D Models. Expect the data delivered irom Badship to be in a variety of industry recognised formats. These include Maya, MODO,  ZBrush, Blender, 3DS MAX, C4d and others. Badship Digital assets are available for download in many different industry-accepted formats includingBLEND, MB, MAX, MA, OB, FBX, 3DS, ZTL, C4D, OBJ and more.

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