3D Male Body Scans

Take your characters even further into 3D realism by using 3D Male Body Scans. Discover correct 3D proportion in this 3D Male Full Body Scans category of the Badship Marketplace. Check the detailed description of each 3D product. Some are RAW scans showing any imperfections in the human male body, like natural asymmetry. Not everyone has perfect 3D symmetry! There are retopologised 3D Male Body Scans available which are symmetrical making them easier to rig in 3D due to the even 3D topology. Available now from Badship in many popular Industry standard applications like the following, Modo, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Maya, MODO, Blender, Lightwave and more. With the following file formats,  Blend, LWS, LWO, LXE, ZTL, OBJ, C4d, 3DS, MA, MB, FBX and more.

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