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You've arrived at the 3D Mammal category of the Badship store. Take a look at the variety of mammal 3D Models available to enhance your workflow and productivity. Any shortcuts are great right? 3D gorillas, 3D rats, 3D mice, 3D kangaroos, 3D dogs, 3D cats, 3D whales, 3D dolphins, 3D cheetahs, 3D lions, 3D tigers,3D  hyenas, 3D wolves, 3D hedgehogs, 3D cows, 3D bats, 3D pigs, 3D monkeys, 3D donkeys, 3D mules, 3D horses, 3D sheep, 3D goat, 3D deer,3D moose, 3D antelope,3D  gibbons, 3D porpoises, 3D seals, 3D sea lions, 3D sea otters, 3D koalas and more. All this 3D fur and thankfully no smell. Download these assets from Badship in a wide variety of commonly used industry formats. STL, Max, 3Ds, LW, ZTL, Blend and more. For these variety of softwares, including Maya, MODO,  Blender, 3DS MAX, ZBrush, C4d  and more.

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