3D Marvelous Designer Cloth Tutorials

Step into the 3D Marvelous Designer Cloth Tutorials area on Badship. A virtual 3D outfitters. The software, Marvelous Designer, has brought efficient cloth physics and dynamics to the masses. It's a comprehensive and well realised 3D cloth simulation and 3D modeling package. There have been others before but the ability to create and render 3D cloth dynamics in Marvelous Designer is faster and easier than any predecessor. 3D Marvelous Designer Cloth Tutorials artists can show you how to create simple or incredibly detailed clothing designs to compliment 3D characters, or set dressing requiring drapery, even sails on ships. Anything cloth based can be made. Held together by virtual stitches. Many materials can be added and experimented with using the presets available. It's never been easier to create conceivable clothing and cloth dynamics.  

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