3D Modeling Character Tutorials

Welcome to the Badship 3D Modeling Character Tutorials section. Let our talented 3D Character Artists take you thorough the immense challenge that is Character 3D Modeling. Will your character be cartoony or stylised? Maybe it needs to be realistic? Maybe it needs to be historically accurate but stylized and realistic? There are so many areas of 3D Character modeling that draw heavily on a 3D Character Artists skillset. Many 3D artists adopt their own techniques when modeling characters but there's usually a base set of steps to follow depending on the type of character being realised. In 3D Modeling Character Tutorials on Badship expect to see the use of Digital Sculpting, Poly modeling and edge modeling to name a few. Character 3D Modeling is often part of a pipeline where ultimately the 3D character will need animating. So the Character artist has to bear this in mind by modelling with correct topology and edge flow so the 3D model deforms correctly when skin weighted by animators. One of the many skills covered in these 3D Modeling Character Tutorials.

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