3D Modeling Environment Tutorials

Welcome to 3D Modeling Environment Tutorials on the Badship education Marketplace. Here you will discover in depth and informative 3D Modeling advice for aspiring and seasoned artists. 3D Modeling Environment Tutorials takes the user from rough blockout to finalised 3D Environment. Watch as our professional 3D environment artists share a host of the fundamental techniques and tips they have learned during their professional career. Follow the advice and soon you will be modeling at speed and creating quality 3D environments. Many skills are required to fully realise a 3D environment, including, sourcing reference, through to modeling, sculpting, lighting, UV mapping and texturing. All these topics are covered. The majority of the techniques are applicable across all 3D packages. Industry software such as Max, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop and others. Delve inside Environment 3D Modeling to learn more.

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