3D Modeling Software Introductions

Here we have Badship 3D Modeling Software Introductions. There are many 3D software applications available to use. We guide you through the options. From the commercial industry standards like Maya, Max, Houdini, Modo, ZBrush, Mudbox, Lightwave and Cinema 4D to name a few. To some less costly options and even free software. Like Blender, a free fully loaded 3D software package that has shaken up the industry with it's advances in tool technology - and it's free! Our experienced artists explain the differences between all these options and what application may suit your chosen field of 3D. All 3D packages incorporate modeling tools. There are different types of modeling too. Sub-Division, Box modeling, Edge modeling, Spline modeling, Digital sculpting, Procedural modeling and Surface modeling to name a few. Some are more intuitive than others and some artists favour one over another but they all can be used to create amazing 3D models. 

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