3D Modeling Vehicle Tutorials

You have landed at the Badship 3D Modeling Vehicle Tutorials section. Let our talented 3D Vehicle artists guide you through the technical challenge that is 3D Modeling Vehicles. You may have a unique vehicle design to 3D model or maybe you've been tasked with having to recreate an existing vehicle for a 3D videogame or advert. Either way you will adopt the same 3D modeling techniques to solve the design. Starting from either concepts or blueprints you build polygons over the lineart to follow the vehicles form. Adding more polygons and details during the painstaking process. There are other techniques on show in 3D Modeling Vehicle Tutorials. Many vehicle artists have access to 3D scanned models or CAD data to work from. Vastly speeding up the 3D modeling vehicles pipeline. Expect to see a gamut of commercial industry packages being used like Maya, Max, Houdini, Modo, ZBrush, Mudbox, Lightwave, Blender and Cinema 4D to name a few.

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