3D Space Models

Explore the 3D Space Models Digital Marketplaceplace on Badship. In this Space 3D Models area you will discover vast 3D spacecraft Models to smaller 3D space Models. As diverse as 3D Satellite, 3D Rocket, 3D Space Stations, 3D Flying Car, 3D Space Shuttle, 3D Planetary Rover, 3D Space craft, 3D Capsule, 3D Probe, 3D Lander, 3D Jet Pack, 3D motherships, 3D sci fi, 3D science fiction space Models, 3D Asteroids, 3D space rocks, 3D Planets and plenty interplanetary delights. Recreate new 3D worlds with the assets available in this 3D Space Models category. Badship Model data is supplied in a wide range of  industry recognised formats. These include Blender,  ZBrush, C4d, 3DS MAX, Maya and others. Badship Digital assets are available to download in many different common industry formats including BLEND, MB, MAX, MA, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, ZTL, C4D and more.