3D Truck Scans

Our Badship store has many variants of 3D Truck scans to purchase. 3D captured assets allow new levels of immersion due to the quality of the detail captured using high tech techniques. Save 3D production time by buying ready made scanned 3D scan vehicles models assets. Hit your milestones with ease. 3D scan vehicles can be found in the following styles. 3D Cargo Trucks, , 3D Bin Lorries, 3D Garbage Trucks, 3D Flatbed Trucks, 3D Cement Trucks, 3D Tow Trucks, 3D Long Haul Trucks, 3D Food Trucks and more. Choose from this group of 3D Scan Trucks from high resolution production Models to low polygon 3D Trucks to drop straight into productions. Be it 3D animation, graphic Design, advertising or Virtual reality. Badship 3D scan vehicles models are provided in various different formats for use with most industry software including Blender, ZBrush, Maya, MODO, C4d, 3DS MAX and others. The assets provided by Badship are available for download in a wide variety of industry standard formats including OBJ, FBX, 3DS, MAX, C4D, BLEND, STL, MA, MB and more.

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