50 Tileable Roughness Maps - Surface Imperfection


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  • 50 Tileable Roughness Maps  – 8-Bit PNG – 4096 x 4096
  • Tutorial – How to Paint Selective Roughness in Substance Painter
  • Tutorial - Setting Up and Using My Roughness Maps in Cinema 4D and Octane Render


7 Categories of Roughness Maps

  • Combined (Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Smudges, Stains, Fingerprints)
  • Scratches
  • Streaks
  • Smudges
  • Dust
  • Stains
  • Fingerprints


In reality perfectly clean surfaces do not exist. Even the cleanest surfaces contain imperfections. Whether its subtle scratches from wiping a surface or fingerprints left on a surface from dirty hands.

To push more towards realism within the 3D realm, roughness maps help us to add surface imperfection onto 3D surfaces. Since these are regular roughness maps they can be used in any 3D program.

I’ve designed 50 roughness maps for creating surface imperfection that you can start using in your scenes to save you some time and get that surface imperfection that can help push your 3D models closer towards realism.


The roughness maps can also be used in Substance Painter where you can paint roughness directly onto your 3D model. This allows you to mix and match roughness maps together to get varied and interesting results. A full tutorial is included showing you how I use my roughness maps in Substance Painter.



Even at 4K resolution these maps are not ultra crisp and sometimes look like up-scaled 2K maps. This is due to camera limitations, i couldn't extract the highest quality from the photos. This is why i have recommended tiling the roughness map to make it smaller to obtain better quality. I wouldn't recommend these maps for extreme closeups.

The roughness maps quality looks best when the UV size is decreased, increasing the size of the roughness UV map will make the imperfections look blurry because they weren't captured with the highest photographed quality but look perfect when decreased in size on your UV map. All roughness maps were created by hand in reality and captured with a DSLR camera. I used artificial intelligence in Substance Alchemist to get every map to tile perfectly but I also manually tiled some maps to get rid of very noticeable tiling. 


  • Substance Painter
  • Cinema 4D
  • Octane Render

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