About Us

Our Story

The Badship team has been at the forefront of digital capture, character creation and commercial asset sales for some of the most prestigious and high profile projects in the world for over 10 years; with over 400,000 models sold through our bespoke sites, 3d scan store and Anatomy 360.

As a result, we are uniquely positioned to provide highly valuable knowledge and sales experience to our users. Combine this with our development team’s extensive site building and digital marketing skills and we believe we can shake up the 3d model industry for the better. No more race to the bottom; your 3d models and digital products can be shown in exclusive company and your prices (and income) will reflect your skill and product. Make the 3d industry work for you, not the other way around.

Make no mistake though; The Badship story  is much more than a bit of guff about the people who worked so hard to make it happen (you know who you are!).  Our development team (thanks guys!) have been instrumental in building out the ship to where we are at; and of course, the spokes in the wheels of any marketplace, you guys (and girls)! Our founding principles are built around improving how the 3d and related industries treat content providers and makers, while also embracing getting the highest quality digital products we can for our customers, and providing sustainable licensing models that ensure our ultra talented digital artists and creators keep bringing amazing digital products to the store.

So whats the plan then? What makes you different from the big platforms who sold out to the venture capitalists??

High level industry knowledge.

Our team has been at the forefront of digital capture, character creation and commercial asset sales for some of the most prestigious and high profile projects in the world for over 10 years. We want to make our comprehensive knowledge of the industry work for you while also improving the industry as a whole. Your success is our success.

Pricing Consultancy

The Ten24 team have been selling digital products through their various stores for over 10 years and are uniquely positioned to provide highly valuable real world pricing and trading knowledge to our sellers.

Professional Seller Tools

Add, edit and upload digital products and run your own store front. Every artist will be able to harness our knowledge and work together to create something really good for the 3d model and related industries.

Cutting Edge Ecommerce

Ecommerce moves rapidly, and other sites in this space haven’t really kept up in certain areas; most likely not being able to adapt due to their size. We’re fresh out of the traps running the latest technologies, cutting edge code and with search engine optimisation built into our framework; with your help we are sure to disrupt the old guard!

Last but by no means least - we care! 

Yup, sorely lacking on the big platforms we are competing against. We put you guys and girls first, and we will never sell out to venture capitalists! We want to be the leading light of the industry, where creators want to sell, because they get rewarded the best and looked after. Including our DCMA service to assist in any cases where you think work (only ever sold on Badship) is being used illegally  either pirated or incorrectly licensed.  Being small we have the personal touch, and every creator is IMPORTANT and VALUED by us. Not to mention the legendary Badship Annual Meetups...(ok, they aren't legendary yet, but we will do our best to make them most awesome!) **watch this space**



Bad Ship Media Ltd
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email: info@badship.com