Anatomy Sculpting Tutorials

Welcome to this tutorials section of Badship. Here we have Anatomy Sculpting Tutorials delivered by professional anatomy experts and artists. The pursuit of understanding anatomy, be it human anatomy or animal, has been ongoing since the 3rd Century to varying success. With modern scanning technologies never before has it been so accessible to understand underlying bone and muscle structure. What with X-Rays, MRI and CT scans it's no longer necessary to work with cadavers and other gruesome dissections! Follow the Anatomy Sculpting Tutorials which covers the key elements in mastering anatomy. Like the skeletal makeup and comparative anatomy. Also major muscle origins and insertion points, superficial muscles and how they impact the final form and silhouette of the figure. Enjoy Sculpting Anatomy Tutorials. Using various industry standard softwares such as Mudbox, Blender, Zbrush, Sculptris and others.

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