APOLLO URP shaders for Unity

APOLLO is the new custom PBR and Light-Based shaders for Unity Engine.

APOLLO is compatible with mobile and VR !!!

For questions and support please visit the Official Unity Forum


  • Standard PBR Shader
  • Standard CutOut PBR Shader
  • Standard Transparent PBR Shader
  • Standard Translucent PBR Shader
  • Standard Refractive PBR Shader
  • 1 Skybox shaders (With blur function)
  • Light Manager

Standard APOLLO Shader Supports:

  • Color
  • Diffuse map
  • RGB Channel packed Map
  • Roughness power
  • Metalness power
  • Ambient Occlusion Power
  • Ambient Occlusion Map
  • NormalMap + Power
  • Emission Color+ Power
  • RGB Emission Map + Power

*All functions are controlled with booleans letting you have full control over the size of the shader.

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