Comprehensive Multi-Functional Fresh Blood Smart Material

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This product works for Substance Painter version 2018.3.3/2019 and any newer versions. 


Hi there, my name is Jasper Vick and I am a Senior Character Artist in the AAA games industry. 

Having worked on several high profile zombie games, I have some experience by now with painting juicy blood and gore! 

I decided to make this comprehensive Multi-Functional, but easy-to-use Fresh Blood Smart Material for Substance Painter. It works particularly well on any skin, creature or human and no matter what colour.

In this Smart Material all layers are efficiently connected with anchor points to ONE base layer. This means that you can very easily and quickly paint multi-layered blood on whatever surface you want to (check it here: Though there is still plenty to tweak in the higher layers for those who want to further dive in and customize. 

You can either paint or use alphas with this material. I have included an example grunge alpha in the material itself to show this off. 

The material is showcased in Unreal Engine 4 for convenience, but will work just as well with other engines.

The files included are:
- JV_Blood.spsm
- JV_Blood Demo.flv

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Hi there, my name is Jasper Vick (Morii) and I am a Senior Character Artist in the AAA...
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