Concepting 3D Digital sets Tutorials

Concepting 3D digital sets Tutorials. This is the last category of the Creating Digital 3D sets Tutorials series on Badship. Listen and work alongside senior artists and professional Concept 3D digital set designers. 3D concept art doesn't differ from any other facet of art creation. A lot of disciplines use 3D modelling and 2D photo manipulation packages to speed up the artistic and creative process. 3D modelling to quickly block out areas and photo manipulation to photobashing designs from existing photo reference. From creating initial sketches during an early design phase, through to blocking in 3D packages. Then further refinement with materials and textures being added. All using a variety of industry  software like Maya, Max, Modo, Photoshop, Painter, ZBrush, Blender and others. Badship Concepting 3D digital sets Tutorials takes you further into the multi disciplinary techniques required to create your perfect design.

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