Deadtures - Creature Teeth Set

Deadtures' rotting teeth can break off in your flesh and infect those who are bitten. Let's try avoid that scenario and get you familiarised with this asset pack. The pulverizer pack features a complete set of ZTL, OBJ, IMM and decimated models as well as materials for shading within ZBursh. All 32 of the highly detailed sculpted teeth are individual parts within the ZTool as well as the top and bottom gum sections and the tongue. We have also supplied Gums, Teeth and Tongue ZBrush materials (ZMT) files so you can easily shade you models within Zbursh by simply importing the material files.

Included Files 

  • IMM - Insert Multi Mesh brush for teeth
  • ZTL - ZBrush Tool file with multiple subtools
  • ZPR - ZBrush Project file with materials applied
  • Decimated OBJ's of each subtool
  • 3 x Materials (ZMT) for Gums, Tongue and Teeth

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