Digital 3D sets Tutorials

Welcome to the Creating Digital 3D sets Tutorials section on Badship. In this expansive category we will teach you all the integral disciplines involved when Creating 3D Digital sets. The Digital 3D sets Tutorials are broken down into these four sections. Introduction to 3D Digital sets, Modelling 3D Digital sets Tutorials, Matte Painting 3D Digital sets Tutorials and Concepting 3D Digital sets Tutorials. Learn how to create usable 3D Digital sets in your productions. It's not always viable to shoot on location in environments far away, or possible at all if it's a fantasy production! You will need the skills to draw, design and concept your new 3D environment. Then 3D model the forms and shapes. Before putting it all together in a conceivable scene you'll need an amazing backdrop to sit behind the 3D Digital set. This is where Badship's Matte Painting 3D Digital sets tutorial series will help. Follow the artists to realise your Digital 3D sets now. Using a variety of industry related software like. Maya, Max, Modo, Photoshop, Painter, ZBrush, Blender and more.