Digital sculpting Tutorials

Welcome to the Badship tutorials section. In this Digital Sculpting Tutorials area. This category covers a wide variety of artistic disciplines including. Human Sculpting Tutorials, Anatomy Sculpting Tutorials, Creatures Sculpting Tutorials and Environments Sculpting Tutorials. Advice given by Digital Sculpting Tutorials professionals will not be limited to these sub categories however as there is so much crossover between each. Digital sculpting or 3D sculpting has come on a long way in the last twenty years and arguably has had the most impact on the visual effects industry. Never before has it been so quick to create and concept in 3D. Laying waste to traditional sculpting methods in clay. Although these are still employed to a degree, most studios are speeding up 3D designs, 3D character, 3D environment creation using 3D Digital sculpting tools. Such as Zbrush, Mudbox, Blender, Sculptris and others. 3D Sculpting Tutorials will show you how and why the VFX industry has adopted these sculpting tools.

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