Prisma - Comic Art From Photographs

Prisma the new post-processing application on the iPhone uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to create realistic brush strokes turning your photographs into amazingly life-like paintings or sketches. We’ve been messing around with it here in the office and we managed to come up with a very convincing comic book page in about 20 minutes using the Heisenberg filter.

Download Prisma for iPhone here


Simple and easy to use

Using ordinary photographs shot in our office kitchen with an iPhone 6 we were able to achieve some amazing results. The app takes a few seconds to process each image and the final output is limited to 1080 x 1080 square.

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Lots of filters

Although the  Heisenberg filter is definitely one of the best for storyboarding / comic book art there are about 35 other filters ranging from electric effects to vibrant Matisse style paintings. Here are a few examples.


Photos and comic layout Andy Turner 



BioWares Mass Effect Andromeda promises to be a completely new Mass Effect game with larger open world environments fun 3rd person shooting and a whole new universe to explore.

Dan Roarty's Realistic 3D Portraits

Dan Roarty's fantastic character modelling showreel!

Dan Roarty shows off his impressive photo realistic character modelling, texturing and rendering skills.

Dan’s website

Designworks "Rhapsody in Who"

An incredibly interesting and in-depth video from the guys at Designworks showing off both the traditional and digital sculpting techniques they used to create the Dr Who action figures.

Designworks Website



Form1, Low cost professional 3D Printing

A breakthrough in low cost high resolution 3D printing is about to his the market place in the shape of the Form1. Unlike extrusion based machines such it uses a stereolithographic method where by a liquid is hardened by a strobing ultraviolet laser creating print layers as small as 25 microns. The Form 1 will cost around $2700 or about £1700 when its released but if you head over to the kickstarter page you can pre order your machine now and help out with the production costs.

Kickstarter page

Form Labs page

Source :: ScanSomething



SpecialEffect: the gamers charity

[youtube id="hKLNrCivOzw" width="600" height="350"]

A fantastic charity in the UK that that creates custom gaming controllers to allows severely disabled children to enjoy video games for the first time.

Follow specialeffect on facebook

The Last Of Us™ | Naughty Dog Studio Tour (HD)

[youtube id="h0E0JjA9Oig" width="600" height="350"]

The guys at Naughty Dog showing off some of their excellent work on the "The last of us"

Escape Studios launches CG Whiz 2011

[youtube id="saxNDVrw6Rg" width="600" height="350"]

In a search for future stars of the CG industry, Escape Studios has launched CG Whiz 2011. The competition is open to anyone interested in computer graphics, offering over £20,000 worth of prizes and a unique opportunity to work at The Mill.

This year, organisers have introduced a brand new ‘Young Professionals’ category, for young pros with up to three year’s experience working in the creative and entertainment industries. The usual ‘Amateurs’ category is open to students, graduates and hobbyists not currently working in the industry.

User Choice Awards have also been introduced this year, giving artists the chance to vote for their favourite entries online.

The competition closes on 12 November. Voting for the User Choice Awards will begin on November 14.

Visit the Escape Studios website for details on how to enter CG Whiz 2011

Damian Nenow “Paths of Hate”‘ Interview

Motionographer have just published a fantastic in-depth interview with Platige Images  Damian Nenow about their beautifully stylised short Paths of hate. A must read!


Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet CTH-670

Shiny Shiny have just posted a review of the new Wacom Bamboo CTH 670 with multi touch.

Link to article