Who you gonna call? The Void

Who you gonna call? The Void

Whatever you might think about the upcoming Ghosbusters reboot, this latest development will give us something to cheer about. Utah based The Void has partnered up with Sony to create what could be the mother of all movie tie-ins. The Void, who are due to open their virtual entertainment centre in 2017, have created a VR experience which will allow people to experience what it’s like to be a Ghostbuster – without getting covered in green slime. Having The Void on board to produce this experience could lead to something truly amazing as it comes just a short while after the firm received a stamp of approval from Steven Spielberg after he tried some of the company’s tech first hand.

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

MIT have developed the first 4 legged robot with the ability to autonomously jump over obstacles without the use of a tether  or safety harness.

More information on their website

Source :: Wired

3D-printed Zoetrope

3D-printed Zoetrope

Mat Collishaw and Sabastian Burbons Rubens inspired 3d printed Zoetrope is really something to behold. Modeled using Max and Zbrush the final build featured over 350 characters and took over 6 months to create.

3D Total Female Anatomy Figure

3D Total are in the last stages of funding their excellent Female Anatomy Figure

3D Total are in the last stages of funding their excellent Female Anatomy Figure and they need your help to reach their last few stretch goals which include two, 1 hour training videos by Dan Crossland
Check out the kickstarter campaign here :


Projection mapped interactive Sand Box

Kinect driven 3d projection sand box

This Amazing Kinect driven 3d projection sand box creates topographical lines, mountains and volcanoes out of sand. Using a kinect to calculate the height of the sand piles and a digital projector to project corresponding textures and animations it makes for an awesome interactive experience.

Source : Viral Forest

Have you ever wanted to fly

Oculus Rift + Go Pro rig + Quadcopter = crazy fun!

The guys at the Norwegian University of science and technology have attached a stereo GoPro rig to a quadcopter which is in turn controlled by the head position of the Oculus Rift. Essentially the same as detaching your head and strapping it to a drone.

Rafael Grassetti GC Masters Acadamy Interview

An interview with the master Rafael Grassetti!

A great interview with the master himself, Rafael Grassetti!

Rafael’s website

CGHUB is no more

CG Hub has closed it's doors

CG hub has officially closed down due to personal decision.. See the official press release by the team below. Its a sad day for the team and more importantly the 1000’s of artists using the website as their portfolio page. Lets hope something similar comes along to fill the void.

The reason behind this extremely tough decision is personal and will remain private. It’s absolutely not connected with business or any kind of technical difficulties.
On behalf of development team I would like to apologize to CGHUB users and fans for abrupt project closure and delay with its announcement.
If you have any kind of questions please send them to cghub@shakuro.com . Can’t promise replies to everyone though.

CGHUB wasn’t ideal, but we loved it SO MUCH! :*(

Team Shakuro

Godzilla - Official Main Trailer

New Godzilla Movie - awesome trailer

A full length trailer for the new Godzilla movie. This is shaping up to be pretty good and hopefully a great improvement on the last film.

Web GL interactive water experiment

Evan Wallace - Awesome WebGL experiment

Evan Wallace has created a very neat looking WebGL water experiment. You need an ok’ish video card for it to run properly in the browser but for those of you who don’t there is a video above.

Click here to try it out for yourself

Source :: Stumbleupon