Introduction to Lighting and Rendering

This is the Badship Introduction to Lighting and Rendering category. Our course will walk you through some of the common lighting tools in 3D rendering packages. This leads into how to setup lighting that can work for a multitude of situations. Lighting isn't as simple as adding lights and hitting render. The balance of lights and how they react with your materials in your scene is paramount. In 3D Lighting and Rendering often materials will need adjusting as the lighting process is finessed. There are many powerful physically based rendering tools in 3D packages. One is something called Global Illumination this simulates bounced light and colour in a scene and produces photo realistic lighting results. This is explored in depth later in the series. Lighting adds so much to a scene and if you apply some simple lighting techniques and workflows from the Badship Introduction to Lighting and Rendering course you can ensure the lighting for your scene will match the mood and emotion you're trying to get across to your audience in your 3D production.

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