Introduction to Photogrammetry

Introduction to Photogrammetry by Badship. Photogrammetry is a method of using photography create accurate 3D models of real world objects. Follow our expert guides in this burgeoning genre of assets creation. Photogrammetry has very diverse applications from video games, visual effects and 3D in general. Generate 3D models from photos using Badship photogrammetry tutorials. Photogrammetry can be used to capture entire landscapes or the smallest rock or tree. It has also become the defacto source for creating digital doubles of actors and people for special effects shots and character replacements. Follow Introduction to Photogrammetry by Badship as we guide you through the basic workflow of using Photogrammetry to scan 3D objects. Learn the essential steps to create your first 3D scanned model covered by Badship Photogrammetry basics. There's something special happens when the object you photographed in the real world becomes a 3D for the first time. You'll soon want to be capturing everything you see. With tips on what cameras to use, what lighting and what objects scan well. You'll soon be creating your own library of assets on Badship Marketplace.

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