Introduction to UV Mapping

Welcome to the Badship UV learning category on the Marketplace. Let's look into Introduction to UV Mapping and Layout. What is UV Mapping, Wrapping and Layout? In this series of tutorials, let Badship's Introduction to UV Mapping and Layout teach you the basics of 3D UV mapping and layout. Put in simple terms, UV texturing is the process of applying an 2D image, a 2D texture, to and around your 3D object to give it colour. It can be described as like wrapping a label around a tin can. Imagine the tin can unfolded flat. This would be the Layout, the 2D UV texture space. The label is the 2D UV texture map and the tin can the 3D object. You can then apply the 2D texture map to the tin can be transforming the 2D UV space back to 3D. Follow Introduction to UV Layout to learn efficient wrapping techniques for all mesh types.  

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