Lighting and Rendering Tutorials

Welcome to Badship Lighting and Rendering Tutorials. A selection of informative Lighting and Rendering tutorials applicable to many 3D software packages. The Lighting and Rendering in 3D lessons are as follows. Introduction to Lighting and Rendering, Lighting and Rendering Characters Tutorials, Lighting and, Rendering Environments Tutorials and Lighting and Rendering Interiors Tutorials. Lighting is an essential part of the rendering process. Badship's aim is to have you lighting your 3D scenes as accurately as in the real world. Learning to illuminate your scene or subject in the most realistic way. Throughout these lessons we'll explore a more in depth look at lighting and rendering using various techniques. All 3D applications provide powerful lighting capabilities that can simulate just about any lighting desired. We will teach you the best practices to get to where you want to be. Using the following 3D industry applicable softwares Maya, Blender, Max, Modo, Marmoset and more.