Look Development Characters Tutorials

Step into Look Development Characters Tutorials from the Badship educational tutorials section. Characters by their very nature need some kind of story affiliated to them. 3D Characters are exactly the same. How can we engage with a character if there's no visual chronicle or visual 'tells' that make us want to see, hear or interact them. Look Development Characters Tutorials will inform you how to add that extra veneer of credibility. There's only so much concepting you can do to envisage the final look of a 3D character. Colour palettes etc. It's not until you start applying and experimenting with different shaders, materials and colours actually on a finished 3D model can you really start to layer up the narrative you are trying to tell. Let Characters Look Dev Tutorials invigorate your 3D characters today. Badship Characters Look Dev Tutorials tutorials use common techniques that apply to all 3D software packages. From popular industry standard softwares like Houdini, Max, Lightwave, Modo, Marmoset, Maya and others.

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