Matte Painting 3D Digital sets Tutorials

Here we have the Matte Painting 3D digital sets Tutorials category of the badship Marketplace. Matte painting often strikes up visions of painting huge canvases for backdrops in sci-fi films. But like anything film and movie production related these days there's a digital alternative. Digital Matte 3D Painting shows you how far matte painting has moved on. For example a lot of matte paintings are developed over 3D model renderings as a base for correct scale and perspective for the relative shot. In 3D Digital Matte painting takes you step by step through a common process for generating an exciting matte painting that really compliments the shot and scene its designed to enhance. We teach you to create cinematic environment shots, from initial sketch through to the final composition utilising professional studio techniques. Expect the 3D tutorials to deliver hints and tips using a broad range of industry approved software. Photoshop, Painter, Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Max, Blender and more. 

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