Matte Painting Environments Tutorials

Follow Matte Painting Environments Tutorials from Badship. In these descriptive learning tools follow respected matte painting experts as they divulge their time honed techniques. Bringing your artistic skillset up to speed on new and proven techniques that will engage and amaze audiences with believable vistas and fantasy environments. Matte Painting Environments Tutorials showing how to  build worlds and landscapes using digital photo manipulation. Not everything has to be hand painted. Photobashing is a large part of modern matte painting as well as utilising 3D modeled elements. Environment Painting Tutorials set out a clear workflow to have you developing your own marvelous matte painting. Using industry attributed 3D software like Modo, Maya, Max, Blender where you see artists creating block outs through to modeled environments. They are rendered out for perspective and lighting reference. These are then painted over using 2D software packages including Photoshop and Painter.

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