Matte Painting Vehicles Tutorials

Engage with the Matte Painting Tutorials teaching department on Badship. In this section we will be looking at Matte Painting Vehicles Tutorials. Not all matte paintings are necessarily of a landscape, set, or misty remote location. Frequently scenes and vistas are represented by buildings, architecture and vehicles. A science fiction scene would be deficient if there wasn't a myriad of high tech vehicles whizzing through the sky and urban landscape. Learn from Badship Matte Painting Fantasy Vehicles Tutorials as the master artists run through the decision making processes and technical steps to bring you up to speed in this imaginative area of matte painting. Using industry attributed 3D software like Modo, Maya, Max, Blender for the 3D renders. These are then painted over using 2D software packages including Painter and Photoshop. 

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