Meat 3D Models

You've arrived at the Badship Meat 3D Models virtual butchers area of the 3D Marketplace. Stock your virtual larders with Meat 3D Models including 3D Beef meat, 3D Boar meat, 3D veal meat, 3D rabbit meat, 3D bison meat, 3D venison meat, 3D ostrich meat, 3D frog meat meat, 3D Lamb meat, 3D Ham meat, 3D Gammon meat, 3D Turkey meat, 3D Chicken meat, 3D Poultry meat, 3D Pork meat, 3D Kebab meat, 3D Gyros meat, 3D Sausage meat, 3D Bratwurst meat, 3D meat pipe and more. These 3D models are in various formats. From High resolution photogrammetry scans to hand modelled 3D Meat Models. Badship Digital assets are available to download in many different industry reknowned formats including MAX, FBX, OBJ,  BLEND, 3DS, STL, C4D, , MA, MB and others. Badship Model data is delivered in a broad range of industry approved formats. These include 3DS MAX,  Maya, Blender, ZBrush, C4d and more.

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