Modelling 3D digital sets Tutorials

Moving on in our series of Creating Digital 3D sets Tutorials on Badship. We have arrived at the Modelling 3D digital sets Tutorials area. This set develops the students understanding of 3D modelling using a wide range of modelling techniques to achieve the most efficient way to realise your 3D digital set. Modelling 3D digital sets can advise you on which application would suit your vision. Should  you use a 3D sculpting package such as ZBrush? This will be appropriate if you have a more organic setting, like a forest. Alternatively if you have designed a parking lot or modern building. You're probably best suited to a traditional 3D modelling package like Maya, Max, Modo etc. as the sub division 3D techniques fit a clean aesthetic. Many approaches can be taken to achieve your vision, 3D Digital set introduction show you how. Expect the 3D tutorials to deliver hints and tips using a broad range of industry approved software. Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Max, Blender and more. 

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