Skull Axe Weapon Tutorial

Making a weapon asset is one of the great ways to learn the full game asset pipeline. Because of the subject matter there is hard surface modeling involved, organic sculpting, multiple smoothing groups and material difference. The skill level required is intermediate while still accessible to many.

Hopefully this can be a start into making this into an asset creation series that ranges from weapons, characters, mounts and even full environment.

I have nine years of professional experience in creating game assets that I wish to share as a way of giving back. I want to try to keep this affordable while giving out quality education, so thank you for your support.

This tutorial is targeted towards people who have a basic-intermediate knowledge of Maya or similar modeling package, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag. This is not for absolute beginners as it assumes that there is some knowledge on the said programs. With that being said, the tutorial videos are real-time with most videos having audio, and some audio cut to avoid redundancy. If you wish you may speed timelapse it the video player of your choice. I use VLC player and is a free download.

This is a challenge to how we can push PBR correctedness vs. staying true to the stylization of the concept. Where do we draw the line and how to achieve that balance? Plus how do we incorporate storytelling and taking into account the visual clarity of the asset in-game.

This will cover really quick Maya Blockout, Zbrush Sculpting, 3DCoat Retopology, Marmoset Toolbag Baking, Substance Painter/Texturing/Look Dev and finally Marmoset Toolbag Rendering. 

Everything here is hand-crafted, there are no base meshes, drag and drop smart materials and pre-built lighting scenes. I believe that when a person is learning there should be no shortcuts, so you will see me make errors in the videos and then show you guys why and how we troubleshoot those errors.

Based on feedback, I will continue updating the content to make the product better with updates and hotfixes.

Concept used with permission from Duy Nguyen




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