STL Printing Tutorials

Welcome to the STL Printing Tutorials area of Badship. Follow our experienced 3D Printing tutors as they guide you from your first 3D print to you being able to confidently tackle a variety of 3D print Designs with varied 3D Printing materials. Be sure to watch all the STL Printing Tutorials for you to gain the maximum knowledge of how to handle Standard Tessellation Language, or STL files for short. Follow the basics on how to open and view an STL file, how to edit and convert an STL file also repairing an STL file. All these STL Printing Tutorials will help understand the fundamentals of 3D Printing. Other sections include, what 3D Printing software to use. How and why the 3D Printing software slices up the STL file. How to optimise an STL file for best 3D Printing performance, no one wants to waste filament! You'll soon have the knowledge and understanding to efficiently 3D print from STL files in no time thanks to Badships STL Printing Tutorials.

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