Vegetables 3D Models

Fill up on our massive Vegetables 3D models plot of the Badship Marketplace. Both High and Low 3D polygon versions are available to enhance your 3D production. Some Vegetables 3D Models have full render scenes. Check the description in each 3D Food category. 3D Leafy green, 3D lettuce, 3D spinach, 3D silverbeet, 3D Cruciferous, 3D cabbage,3D cauliflower, 3D Brussels sprouts, 3D broccoli, 3D Marrow, 3D pumpkin, 3D cucumber, 3D zucchini, 3D Root, 3D potato, 3D sweet potato, 3D yam, 3D Edible plant stem, 3D celery, 3D asparagus, 3D allium, 3D onion, 3D garlic, 3D shallots and more. Badship Digital assets are available for download in many different industry-accepted formats including 3DS, STL, C4D, MAX, FBX, OBJ,  BLEND, MA, MB and others. Badship Model data is delivered in a broad range of industry approved formats. These include Blender, ZBrush, C4d, 3DS MAX,  Maya and others. 

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