Vendor FAQ

What can I sell on Badship?

Most products that could be used in digital art / games / VFX / animation can be sold on Badship – this could include for example 3D models, 3D scans or Motion capture data. In addition to assets, high quality tutorials that could assist someone with an interest in digital art / games / VFX / animation will be welcomed on the store.

Our categories currently allow products of the following types for submission:


3D Models

2D / 3D Assets

3D Scans


3d printing






Anatomy Reference









Creature design





Digital sculpting





Digital sets


Reference Images



Effects animation





Environment design

Trees and Plants




Game engines





High dynamic range images





Lighting & rendering

Base Meshes




Look development





Match moving





Matte painting




















Texturing & shading





UV layout











How do I submit my products for consideration?

Firstly you need to create a vendor account here, then add the product via admin panel. Full instructions are available in our Vendor guide section here

How good does my work need to be?

Badship is committed to high standards and we require what would be considered a reasonable skill level and upwards in relation to product quality. If you are in any doubt, please make an application for a vendor account and send a few examples of your work, your name, email and contact details to

How long does it take for my vendor shop application to be assessed?

Usually our applications team will process applications within 1 working day if it is submitted Monday to Thursday. In busy periods we endeavour to assess and reply to all vendor applications within 1 – 3 days. Sometimes it could be within a few hours but it does depend on the current backlog of applications we are working through.

My vendor application was previously rejected, can I reapply?

Of course! Here at Badship we are all about the artists and we will do our utmost to bring you aboard the ship; where appropriate our experienced assessors can give you some pointers or things that could be done to get your application accepted so you can start selling on the Badship.

How long should it take following submission of a product to approval?

Typically, this will be within 24 hours if submitted within the working week. Working days in relation to product submissions are Monday – Friday. However, at busy times this could take longer. Please allow up to 3 days before contacting us about this. If you are in a rush to get your amazing products listed, please contact us using the contact us form and we can look to expedite approval in some cases.

My product has not been approved for sale, why not?

If a product is not approved, we will let you know via email and provide a reason  If you haven’t had an email from us and it has been over 3 days since you submitted your product for consideration, please check your junk email folder in case our email hasn’t made it to your inbox. Our product assessment team will provide feedback where it may be helpful to you to allow you to get your products live and selling as soon as possible!

What are the important things to consider when submitting my products to Badship?

Of paramount importance, apart from the quality of your work, is the quality of your product images. All images uploaded to your product should be adhere to the downloadable image template format optimised for website display (strike a balance with compression/quality).

Also consider

How useful your product is, I.e will it be a valuable resource for potential buyers. For more information on this please read our in-depth article “what are my assets worth

The quality of your work, Badship is a curated online store and as such we have high quality standards that must be met in order to become a seller. Bad topology, low resolution textures, missing components or broken scenes will be not accepted. Our quality control team will assess each uploaded product aif it doesn't meet our standards we will give you feedback via email within 3 days. 

File size: please restrict any individual files to under 2GB and where it will reduce filesize please use compression like .zip or .rar only so that all buyers of your products can open them.

How much should I charge for my product?

As part of the approval process, we will recommend a price for private use licenses. You are not obliged to adhere to this, but extreme pricing / undercutting (prices seriously out of line with similar products on our site) will not be approved and will be edited by the product inventory team.

Business R&D and Commercial license prices are set by Badship, this is because we have extensive industry knowledge to draw on and we will make sure your business and commercial license prices are in line with industry standards to ensure a healthy balance between reasonable cost for studios and getting you the true value that your work deserves in these usage cases.

What are these different licenses about? Why not do Royalty free like other sites?

Badship is different to other marketplaces in that we have been in the industry on a commercial level for a long time and know what studios and producers want (in terms of model type, quality, specs) and expect to pay. Part of the reason that some 3d and related artists don’t make as much money as they could be making is because of a. under-pricing of assets and products and b. because Royalty free licenses effectively cheapen the producers work to such a level that the places offering them are doing a disservice to the entire industry; and in particular the product creators.

One commercial license sale for a very useful (for commercial uses) and high quality product could equate to a months’ worth of private user sales at other sites bargain basement prices.

What do the three license types allow then?

Badship has 3 license types. Private, Business R&D and Commercial. These three very specific license types have been honed over the last 10 years on our sister company Ten24's 3D scan store site and have proved to be an effective way to allow private users to afford high quality content and simultaneously restrict the damage to our industry but keeping prices competitive for commercial clients.

Private use license allows for the following

- Use of the Badship product for personal projects, study or non-commercial portfolio work

- 3D printing for personal use.

- Use in any non-commercial personal project

Purchasing a Private use license does not allow for the following

- Resale of the Badship product or derivative in any format

- Using the Badship product or any derivative of the data within a commercial product or project

- Promotion of a commercial product or project

- Any use within a commercial studio or company

Business R&D license allows for the following

- Use of the Badship product for research and development of a commercial project within the confines of the company or studio

- Sharing of the Badship product within the confines of the studio for R&D purposes only.

- 3D printing of the Badship product for reference and study within the confines of the company or studio

Business R&D license  does not allow for the following

- Resale or public sharing of the Badship product or any derivative of the product in any format

- Using the Badship product or any derivative of the data for a final for sale commercial project of any kind

Commercial use license allows for the following

- Integration of Badship products into a for sale commercial project.

Purchasing a commercial use licence does not allow for the following

- Resale of a Badship product source data on a market place or online store.

- Resale of a Badship products source data as part of a tutorial or digital product

How much will I get paid?

You will receive 75% of a product’s selling price minus the split transaction cost over the products in that customer's purchase (usually about 2.9% + .30p on each transaction amount)

What if the customer wants a refund?

If the customer requires a refund, you will be notified of a pending RMA in your Vendor admin panel. It is best to aim to provide an amazing service to your buyers as in most cases this prevents refund requests. However, in some cases it is unavoidable (sometimes a customer may say the model is not what they expected, or doesn’t work for them etc), this is part of selling online! When a customer requires a refund, they must digitally sign a legal document provided by Badship which means they must destroy the digital product and not use it again. Once that is signed Badship will process a refund and your account will debited for the full refund amount and any charges incurred.

What if a customer does a chargeback? Who is responsible for the cost?

Chargebacks are another situation it is best to avoid. Things that may cause this are numerous but fortunately rare, they could include a fraudulent use of someone’s payment method (or alleged fraudulent use by them to their card or payment provider). There could be an issue with your product (for example incorrect description or a product error) and you may not have answered contact from the customer fast enough (or at all).

These are just some of the possible causes of a chargeback, in the unlikely event a chargeback occurs on one of your sales the Badship accounts team will notify you and you will be responsible for repayment of the product sale amount plus any costs incurred from the chargeback which are £15 minimum from our payment providers Stripe. If your account balance is not enough for us to debit the amount owed, we will invoice you for this amount and the invoice will be due within 7 days from the time it is received.

How do I get paid?

You will need a PayPal account for this, or if that is not possible due to your location you can provide a bank account. Minimum account balance is $20 to enable us to transfer your earned funds. PayPal fees will be deducted from the amount being paid, so it will be PAYOUT AMOUNT MINUS PAYPAL FEES. For bank transfers to foreign countries, the transfer cost will need to be paid by the Vendor in full. We have no control over bank to bank transfers or their costs! We will usually do an estimate if we cannot find the transfer cost before it is made, then if the amount is more than we estimated your Badship account will have a negative balance until this amount is repaid from your next months pay-out. If we estimated more than it cost, we will repay any extra into your Badship account within 48 hours from the transaction.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid 30 days after each sale is made, this is to meet payment gateway requirements for marketplace operations and is in line with other big marketplaces. So essentially your payments will be 30 days behind your sales, and  once you have passed the 30 day marker on sales then all sales 30 days old and greater will be paid on the 1st of the nearest month. Then you will be paid monthly on the first of the month from thereon, for the previous months sales.

Do I have to sort out my own VAT or Tax on my product sales? Am I liable?

You don’t need to do a thing and can sleep easily at night knowing that Badships finance team are collecting digital tax where required on each product sale and distributing it to the correct tax body (for example MOSS vat). You can export your sales reports from your Vendor Dashboard to simplify your own accounting.


What can a customer do with my product once they’ve purchased it?

This depends on the license type they have purchased. Please see license descriptions above for license type descriptions.

Can I sell on other sites as well?

 Selling on other sites is fine.

But my product are cheaper on other sites, what should I do?

We would encourage artists and sellers to differentiate their products that they sell on Badship vs other sites in some way. This could be a slight change to the product, better resolution maps and so on but that is not essential to sell your awesome models on the platform. With over half a million 3d models, tutorials, scans and software sold worldwide; Badships founders have a lot of experience pricing and selling digital products. We have an immense amount of data on this and our pricing strategies have allowed us to generate huge amounts of sales in both private and commercial markets. Our pricing consultancy service will allow you to take advantage of our experience and our data. If your products are a lot cheaper on other sites its very likely that that they are under-priced. If you want to find out more about why this is bad for both the seller and the industry, please read our article “what are my assets worth” or contact us for a one to one pricing consultancy at

Why should I sell on Badship?

Badship is not just a platform for artists and creators to sell digital assets. Our aim is to revolutionise the C2B (consumer to business), B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) 3d model (and related) industries. Using our intricate knowledge of the industry we can help you price your models correctly and get the value that your work demands; and the right amount that the industry should value your skillset at.

Aside from that we are a friendly team who are out to help artists and creators rather than make them churn work out for peanuts to line our pockets! (sound familiar?!). By setting realistic and validated pricing across the entire Badship platform, the top talent from our industry can at last sell their work for what it’s worth, no price slashing or having to sell for a few $ just to make some sales.

Why should I sell on Badship rather than Artstation, Turbosquid, CG trader etc

As outlined above, we see Badship as a complimentary platform, certainly in the early days of our operation. Once we are firmly established, people may see better value in selling their products at Badship set market rates, as it will clearly be much better for their bank balance!

We have done extensive research on what we consider competitor marketplaces (in terms of product types, not size as we are clearly smaller currently) and there are some sellers selling good work for a realistic market rate (which we would agree with as a price), but a Royalty Free License option means that you are not making the real money where your work should be most valued, for single use commercial projects. Badship can fix that for you!

Are there any charges to sell on Badship?

To sell on Badship is free! There are no hidden costs apart from our commission per sales detailed above. We provide the data storage for uploading your product files to (for free of course).

What about the dread VAT or tax then?

Unlike most other platforms that force the responsibility of dealing with digital VAT and tax on you, the vendor; here on the Badship we deal with it all for you. Simply put, we will sort VAT and tax on product sales on your behalf, we are the merchant on record. The only tax you need to sort is from your Badship income when you do your own personal or company accounts.

How can my Shop make the Badship Homepage, featured Vendor Shop style?

Featured shops are handpicked by our editors and the stages would be 1/ apply to become a vendor 2/ Once accepted setup your shop and add some amazing products 3/ Start selling! Badship staff will queue hot shops and big names for homepage features and quite possibly some awesome interviews with you for the Badship Youtube channel or a written article if you prefer!

I’ve got a great article I wrote about a site related topic, any chance of getting a featured article on Badship?

Definitely, if you have a unique (eg. Unpublished on the internet) article that you have written, it could be a guide, tutorial, industry related etc then please send us an email and we will be pleased to feature such content (with a link back to your portfolio site).


Does Badship have an affiliate scheme?

We are currently developing an affiliate scheme which we aim to have live in the next few months, this will mean that you can sign up as a Badship affiliate and promote Badship products and get paid from every sale referral you provide to us! Earn BIG for promoting Badship products on your own sites and social media!






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