Zbrush Creature Design Tutorials

Learn from the best 3D creative ZBrush artists in this Badship ZBrush Creature Design tutorial. Watch ZBrush artists display their different methods for 3D sculpting creatures. From blocking out rough forms to create interesting silhouettes before moving on a detailing the mock up into a fully realised creature Design. Also working from 2D concept art to realise the creature Design in 3D. Use ZBrush Creature Design Tutorials to open your eyes to the boundless possibilities of sculpting Digitally where the only limit is your creativity. The benefit of ZBrush sculpting in 3D is having the ability to quickly adjust forms, either large or small, which can change the overall look of a Design on the fly. Also being able to render out lighting and shadows really lets you see how the creature Design may look further down the line in the VFX production.

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